Where Am I Now?

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This page keeps you bang up-to-date with where I am – here and now – and what’s happening at a glance.

As of April 2016.

Where Am I Now?

Still back home in Horley, Surrey, South East England. Life has inevitably thrown a few major curveballs over the past few weeks and I’m working out the best way to deal with them. More to follow shortly in a post or two so keep an eye out.

What Am I Up To?

Well, I’m pretty chuffed to say that my freelance work has really picked up recently. So much so that I’ve considered merging with a friend and his company who has also been working hard. We’ve got an office and everything! I’d hate to jinx it by saying too much more but you’ll find out soon enough.

This past weekend was spent at the bottom of a freshwater lake near Heathrow airport. No, it’s nothing sinister… I had my PADI Rescue Diver exams all last week with four qualifying dives on Saturday and Sunday. I passed! Now a fully-fledged Emergency First Responder & Rescue Diver. Wahey!

It was damn cold though. Going to take a day or two more for my ears to feel normal. My head feels like it’s stuck in a vice right now. Maybe I shouldn’t leave it so long next time.

Where Am I Off To Next?

I’m now considering a couple of smaller trips before the “big one” in August. As mentioned, life has chucked up a couple of things that needed my attention. Some beyond my wildest dreams and others… well, not so much.

Let’s just say I may need a little time for things to settle.

That reminds me, I’ve been a bit quiet with posts lately and I apologise to any of you that might have been looking forward to them. All will be revealed soon and I thank you for your support, as always.

I’ve still been keeping things fresh on Twitter & Instagram though so be sure to hit follow below if you’re not already.

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